‘e-Learning in action’ is what you need to know About us.

At Learning Logix, we aim to provide a perfect platform that propels e-learning processes.

about us

  • Who we are? - We are a passionate pack of content developers, instructional designers, graphic designers and animators who wish to be part of engaging and user-centric eLearning projects.
  • What we do? - We provide unique, user-driven and user-centered solutions for
    • eLearning and Digital Education | Explainer Videos
    • Learning Management Systems | Website Development
  • How we do it? We use a three step approach, namely:
    • Understand our client expectations
    • Ideate on these expectations and build them into a workable outline
    • Develop this outline into creative and user-specific content, compatible across different platforms.


A good story can capture the heart and mind of your audience, and in turn make learning more fun! Persuasive eLearning stories can help foster an emotional connect with the learner. An immersive story is the best eLearning tool and can fend off the worst distractions. We craft stories that tie into real world benefits, objectives and applications, which educate, and at the same time, entertain your audience!


We understand that attention spans are getting shorter and information needs to be short and crisp for our learners. Microlearning means delivering information in bite-sized chunks or short bursts to enable better retention in shorter time. These include whiteboard animation, kinetic text, videos, and other rich media which are far more engaging and are supported on multiple devices for wider consumption. It is a learner-centric approach that ensures quick access, quick completion and immediate application by learners.

our services

We aim to tell stories using micro-learning content and immersive visualizations that can help your brand develop an instant connect with your audience. High quality content coupled with innovative ideas will ensure brand recognition be it in marketing channels, search engines or building brand awareness.

E-learning Content Devlopment

We develop rich content based on your needs that is highly engaging and easy to understand with 2D/3D animation.

Explainer Video

We use tools to craft stories and build videos that hook you right off the bat!

Learning Management System

We deal in-depth in LMS features, providing documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

Web development

Complete solution to all website development and maintains services



We charge reasonably without any compromise in quality. We ensure to that our running costs are low and don’t pass on any of it on to you.


We understand that too much technical jargon can overwhelm you. So we keep our processes simple and fun, so that it is easier for you to understand and enjoyable too!


It is imperative for us that we are honest with our clients. At the end of the day, there is no greater pleasure than to have a client is happy with our work and trusts us.


We may brainstorm and come up with a wide variety of implementations and approaches for your project in front of you, but in the end, it is you who has a final say on how to proceed.


If the above reasons weren't good enough for you, here’s why you should reach out to us. Outsourcing has several advantages, be it cost effectiveness, increased efficiency, high quality output or adhering to a strict timeline. Learning Lozix stays committed to providing the best bang for your buck without compromises.

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